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Common Ground Mediation Services provides assistance
to couples who wish to do one or more of the following:

l Obtain a Divorce

l Child and/or Spousal Support

l Get a Legal Separation

l Resolve Issues of Child-Rearing

l Dissolve a Domestic Partnership

l Divide Assets

l Establish or Modify Parenting Plans

l Reconciliation

Couples involved in one or more of the above typically
find that they fall into one of the following three categories:

      > Amicable with Agreement
      > Amicable without Agreement
      > Adversarial

In general, California courts will affirm almost any agreement reached by a couple in these matters. Judges always prefer to have couple come to their own agreements, rather than having the court decide and impose its own solutions. Common Ground Mediation Services offers team mediation (male & female mediators) when working with couples. This provides an energetic balance at the mediation table that couples find supportive and effective during the marriage dissolution process.

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