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> Understanding and Dealing With Our Anger 

Why not just strive to never be angry again?  Anger is a normal part of human existence, although hopefully an infrequent one.  It does not serve us to feel guilty about being angry.  Guilt tends to lead to shame, and shame undermines self-esteem. 

> Being Right or Being in Relationship: Which Do You  Choose? 

Throughout our lives, each of us has many opportunities to choose between Being Right and Being in Relationship with another human being.  The choices we make at these intersections go a long way toward determining what type of life we have.

> Getting What We Want From Others 

Life is full of numerous instances of each of us wanting things from others.  Sometimes these “things” are as simple as getting our own “decaf non-fat double latte with no foam” the way we want it, or as complicated as getting someone to listen to a detailed description of our tiring day.

> JUDGMENT: A Point of View 

A point of view about how the judgmental ness of our thinking and speaking affects each of us as individuals, our relationships with others, and our society as a whole.


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