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Common Ground Mediation Services was founded in 1999 to assist individuals and groups in resolving conflicts, improving communications and achieving self-determined goals.  This work is accomplished through face-to-face mediations, "shuttle" mediations (back and forth between conflicting parties), individual coaching sessions, and workshops/seminars.  Common Ground utilizes a male/female mediation team.  Mediation participants tend to feel a greater level of emotional safety with two mediators present, which often leads to greater understanding.

Common Ground's name reflects the non-adversarial approach and values of the firm's founder, Stephen Reynolds.  CGMS endeavors to assist clients in creating solutions, goals, and plans that best serve the interests of all parties, by focusing on what works best for everyone involved, not on who is "right" or "wrong".  This approach enables each individual to see their position as purely one point of view, and helps them accept the legitimacy of (without necessarily agreeing with) other points of view.  The approach allows participants to develop creative strategies, proposals, and solutions not previously considered.

Common Ground Mediation Services does not employ attorneys, accountant, or therapists, and does not provide legal or financial advice, nor any psychotherapy services.  When a formal written agreement is desired, CGMS provides clients with a Memorandum of Understanding summarizing agreed upon points, which can be used by an attorney or Legal Document Assistant to create a legally binding document.  All conversations with Common Ground are held confidential as covered by California Evidence Code 1119.


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